Monday, May 4, 2009


I wanted all 3 of the people that read my blog to be the first to hear the great news. After weeks of planning and trying to get schedules to work out, we finally cinched it up.

This Night-OH-Cabaret's already shaping up to be an amazing, fun, and crazy event. The show just got freaking incredible with the addition of this special guest performer. Without further ado, let me be the first to tell you all, we have the great honor of presenting non other than the infamous Mr. Dana Snyder to the stage! That's right the voice of so many hysterically funny characters on Adult Swim is performing in our show.

I met Dana in a burlesque show I was playing Cupid in this past Valentines Day. He was performing old school Vaudevillian style acts in the show and I was blown away. He's absolutely hysterically funny and has got his schtick down to a science. It was so impressive to watch, and I immediately started thinking how great it would be to have him do his stuff in the Night-OH-Cabaret.

I got in touch with him and he was really excited about the prospect. Luckily the Lakewood Theater had Saturday June 20th become available at the last minute and Dana was free that weekend. It was on!

Mr. Snyder is crazy talented and it's going to be a challenge for us to keep up with him in the show, but it should make the show that much better.

Please let everyone know about the show and pass along this cool news.

You can get your tickets NOW through Ticket Master, or save a couple bucks off the service charge and get your tickets straight through The Lakewood Theater.


tomsaville said...

HOLY CRAP!!! I hope he puts that on his website...INSTANT exposure.

Nick Gibbons said...

You're flying down for the show right Tom?