Monday, March 2, 2009

Death Dog

I shot 2/3's of my short this weekend. We had two shoots scheduled for Saturday and Sunday. The Saturday shoot went really well, everyone was great and I was able to cut it all together yesterday. The Sunday shoot however was raped in the ass by the bad luck rapist. We were supposed to shoot in this copy store, but the person never showed up to let us in. Me and the 5 other dudes involved in the 10 am Sunday morning shoot, huddled together under a pizza store awning for 40 minutes drinking my box of coffee trying to stay out of the rain and hoping the copy shop person would eventually show up. They never did, so we busted the shoot, we will pick it up this week hopefully.

The edit is coming together rather well and I'm happy with it. There's some pretty funny moments.

It snowed all day yesterday. It was really pretty. Me and the wife kept hearing what sounded like explosions outside as our lights flickered. It was weird and awesome.

And I'll leave you with this?

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SAM said...

I want to pet "Death Dog" because I love a challenge.