Wednesday, March 11, 2009

All Hell is Breaking Loose!

We decided to switch to AT&T cable this week. There were many factors that went into this decision, the main one being, Comcast sucks large diseased donkey testicles. Seriously, in the past month alone we've had 6 different Comcrap dudes come to our apartment to try and fix our internet. I guess the golden lining to me being unemployed is that I was here every time to let them into our apartment. "Will you be home between 2 to 6 on Wednesday?", hell yes I will, and would you like to hang out and play video games with me please, I'm bored.

Well there's a dude here installing our new cable as I type this. He's drilling holes in the floor and clipping wires to shit. I even got to help him pull a drill with a 27 foot long drill bit attached out of the floor. That's the most manual labor I've done in a while. It felt good to help someone do something productive.

I had to stop this blog in mid blog because my old internet was shut off. We are still trying to get the new internet to work, there's some sort of problem. My installation guy, Tim, is on the phone with tech right now. I'm stealing my neighbors internet for this blog. Shhhhhh.

While Tim's running around hooking stuff up the lawn guys showed up and started cutting the grass and blowing shit around. My little lonely apartment that's usually so quiet has been blasted with noise and activity today. It's nuts to have so much crap going on when I'm used to just hanging out by myself in my boxer shorts trying to figure my life out.

Hopefully it will all get sorted out soon. I'll let you know how it goes, because it's so freaking interesting I assume.


SAM said...

The only reason it is interesting is because it happens to YOU!

Kick those Comcrap bastards to the curb!

John J. said...

I'm hearing a lot of stories from friends in NJ that they are/have already removed Cartoon Network from their list of channels. Glad I have Cablevision (even though they also suck... I may be getting FiOS soon.)