Sunday, March 22, 2009

Westward Ho!

No I'm not telling a prostitute to go to the west ward of a free clinic, I'm heading off to California! I hear the job market there is booming right now, and thars gold in them thar hills.

I've been tirelessly getting stuff together for my trip, it's a work trip so I've been perfecting my game face, and it's almost ready. Watch out Hollywood, you bout to get Nick'd!© That's the show I'm pitching, it's like Punk'd, only instead of pulling practical jokes on people, I run around in a diaper throwing hot coffee on old people. I know right, best show ever!

At any rate I'll have pictures and stories to tell soon enough, or at the very least I'll have a cool T-shirt or coffee mug with a picture of that Hollywood sign. Wish me luck, I'll need every last happy thought you guys can muster. I know it'll be tough, because the world sort of sucks right now, but at least cross two of your fingers for me. I'm not even very particular about which two you cross.


tomsaville said...

wha-huh? Well good luck, man. Kick some ass out there!

SAM said...

Those prick won't even know what hit'em! They be like, "WTF was that dat dat hit me!?" an da udda guy be like, " I-Oh know! It was like a hairy guy in a diapah! Damn dat coffee hot!"

Word. Kick ass, bitch!