Friday, February 27, 2009

Electric Bagel

No, that's not the name of my new wave band. This morning on my way to drop Nancy off at work, we stopped at Einstein Bros. Bagels. Nancy had a coupon for a free bagel that is only good on Fridays so we decided to stick it to the bagel man.

I ordered a bagel and Nancy got coffee, so we did have to shell out some cash after all. You win this time Einstein Bros.! I guess it was silly of me to try and match wits with Einstein Bagels, I should have gone to High School Dropout Bagels.

The best part about this story is that we never go to Einstein's. This was a random out of the blue trip. As we were paying, the lights in the store started to flicker. The volume of conversation got louder and more intense, as it always does when the power goes out. I look outside and notice power lines in the street. Upon further examination I see this:

I call 911 and am put on hold for about a minute. Finally an operator comes on and I tell 911 the 411. The person is OK, but trapped in their car. We hear from an eye witness that it was in fact the dude in the SUV's fault. He was road raging out, honking and trying to cut someone off. Oops. Lesson learned. His TGIF just turned into a WTF.

That's all I got right now folks, be careful out there and for God's sake be a little less road ragy.

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SAM said...

I love that: "his TGIF turned into WTF" you are so creatively assanine! but in a good way