Monday, February 9, 2009

Florida, Again

The wife and I drove down to Florida last week. Our first stop was at some friends house near Daytona Beach on our way to meet my parents at Disney World. While at our friends house we visited a state park to see wild manatee. Some crazy lady at the park told us there were 98 manatee in the water. She really knew her manatee.

Here is a shot of the swamp like surroundings.

Bon Jovi was here.

I wasn't sure if this sign was for people, or the alligators.

There be manatee in them thar waters...

My wife is suing the guy that made this sign, because he stole this phrase from her.

Read the side of the boat, then try to tell me Southern folk ain't classy.

Here's Nancy at Daytona Beach. If you listen closely you can hear the stock cars racing by. And if you listen even closer, you can hear teeth falling out.

Don't question love or art.

We stopped and stayed with our friends Laura and Mark for two nights on our way to Disney. This is their new baby Domenic. He was a cute little guy.

Here Nancy and I are with the big cheese himself. Get it? Big Cheese? Because he just farted? You had to be there.

And my parents with Mickey. I tell you what, that Mickey is a consummate professional, on point in every photo. He knows how to own a photo shoot after being in the industry for so long. Can't say enough nice things about Mr. Mouse.

Here we are on the safari thing at Animal Kingdom. This is a rhino, or a really fat ugly retarded unicorn.

Once you go goat...

This poor guys face made me laugh. His eyes were looking in different directions. He never saw the hammer coming. Mmmmmmmm delicious.

Didn't do any photoshop to this image. It totally just looked sepia tone by accident. (Nick inner monologue, "Nick, are you sure you want to tell them the sepia tone story? People are gonna go ape shit from the shear intensity of how interesting that story is. No, no, it's my duty to tell the world about my life, it's not my fault if they can't take it and their head explodes from my pure awesomeness.")

It rained our second day at Disney, and we had to buy plastic ponchos. Me and my parents are sure that the sale of these ponchos is what keeps Disney World in business. We also saw the Virgin Mary and I was able to snap a shot before her handlers scooted us away.

Nancy and I are being evacuated in our hazmat uniforms on the people movers when the virus outbreak started. We look happy, but that's really shock. There were dead people all around us, what have we done! WHAT HAVE WE DONE!!!!

This litle guy was munching on a french fry. Sure it's cute, but seconds later his heart exploded from cholesterol. What have we done! WHAT HAVE WE DONE!!!!!

Very rare shot of Donald Duck laying an egg. The secret is out! More like Donna Duck. I got 1 million bucks from the Enquirer for this photo.

I could have gone the whole, "Why is Disney giving our American mascot jobs to Mexican day labor mascots" But that seemed a tad racist.

I wanted to end this blog with a bang.

That was for you mom. If you put your nose to the screen, it feels like you are really there. Also it ruins your vision and shoots low levels of radiation into your brain.

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mom said...

Thanks! I watched them twice already. Best trip ever, cause y'all were there! Love & kisses.