Thursday, February 26, 2009

Working on Stuff

I'm in the middle of a production and its going pretty good. I'm entering it into a festival of sorts, so I won't post anything until I find out whether or not it made the cut. I'm excited because I'm working with my buddy Mike Geier. He's just as excited about it as I am, which is great.

Since I've been in Atlanta I've sort of been alone and just making videos by myself. I'm really happy to have other people involved in this production. Mike has been amazing. He's very positive and willing to go out and make shit happen for the project. It's very refreshing and is helping to get my head out of a funk it's been in for a while.

I've been working hard to get something going creatively and career wise, with not very visible results. Things is tough all round I suppose. It's hard not to loose sight of your goals and not to get frustrated. This usually leads to mountains of self doubt that I have to climb. But you just have to keep truckin'.

The Night-OH-Cabaret's 10th anniversary is starting to take shape. I'm excited about that and if things go as planned it will be amazing.

Not the best picture of my cupid character, but it'll do until I get a better one:

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SAM said...

one word...SHEXAY!