Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Matching Pair

It's official! Not that there was any doubt, but I'm officially an idiot. I sprang my OTHER ankle this weekend. Now I have two sprung ankles. It wasn't as bad as the left one, but it hurt worse. I think it's safe to say I'm accident prone in the ankle region. I'm just glad I don't have three ankles.

On an unrelated topic, another one of my Robotboy episodes comes on Cartoon Network tonight at 7 pm. Check your local listings. My episode's called, "Curse of Truckinstien". It's about monster trucks coming to life. I don't get to see my episodes until they air, and this one gave me the most trouble. The other three episodes pretty much made it through the process without many notes. The two I've seen so far have been right on the money as far as my scripts were concerned. They stayed true to what I had written, which doesn't happen a lot in this industry. This one went through a couple of rewrites on my part. There was problems with the ending and on my last rewrite I remember it all clicking for me. I feverishly retooled the show and it just worked. For me at least. It was a pretty drastic rewrite and I sent it in with my fingers crossed. I never heard a peep back from them, so I assumed they liked it. I guess we'll see how close they stuck to my script tonight.

BTW, if you're trying to be a writer, I have some information that might help. When you finally get your first gig, Your employer will never, ever, ever, say they like your work. You won't get a, "Great job" or "Nice work". They may really like it, but don't expect any pats on your back. I later heard from the director of the series, who happens to be a friend of mine, that they loved my scripts. I never would have known that from the lack of feedback I received. Just be thankful that you have work and do your best, that is thanks enough.

It's a job like any other I suppose. Speaking of, if anyone has any leads on shows that need a writer, let me know.


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Nick Gibbons said...

It's "Sprain", you "sprained" your ankle. Why are you such a fucktard, me?