Tuesday, September 30, 2008


We are all fancy and grown up now at the ol' Night-OH-Cabaret. We finally have our shit together. You can actually buy tickets online for the show. We are in a great new venue and it would be a shame if no one came out, please dig down deep and start clicking internet buttons until you have purchased 100s of tickets for the show. You can use your credit card, because everyone knows if you die before paying off your credit cards the debt goes to hell to burn with Satan.

Click the button below to buy your tickets.
Click here to buy tickets to Ricki Derek's Night-oh-cabaret via smarttix.com


Dan said...

Nick! It's uncanny how much that clown skull looks like you grinning. Too bad I can't make it to Night-Oh-Caberet this year.

Nick Gibbons said...

You will be missed.

M. E. Davis said...

Yay! I scored two.

Ok, folks. The bidding starts at $500. This may be the last time you will get a chance to see old Mick Jagger alive. Don't miss out. My loss is you gain. The Rolling Stones... What? This is for the Night Oh Cabaret 10th Anniversary Show? Poop. I guess I'm stuck with these tickets.

C U there.