Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The never ending triiiiip, ah ooh ah ah ooh ah ah ooh ah

It's now Thursday. I had nothing planned today and both the girls were working. I was man of the house today. I had a beach side apartment all to myself. Since I was three blocks from the beach and had no plans, I decided to watch The View. Next, the Price is Right. Oh yeah, I checked my e-mail. Sorry I don't have any pictures from all those cool activities.

Lunch rolled around and I decided to treat myself to some seafood at one of the nicer restaurants in downtown Seal Beach. I walked to the place, Willies I believe was the name, and got a table for one. I always forget how creepy and lonely it is to eat at a restaurant by yourself, especially when you wearing nothing but a pink g-string and carrying a harpoon gun.

I ordered up some of the finest muscles and went to town.

After stuffing myself with over priced shell fish, I walked down to the beach to try and take pictures of girls in bikinis. I forgot how creepy and lonely it was being 35, married, by myself, and trying to take pictures of teenagers in bikinis. I opted to snap shots of my surroundings instead.

I was planning to meet Vanessa in LA later that night and catching a show at the UCB Theater that starred a bunch of my New York comedian friends. Vanessa unfortunately had to work late so I had to force my social inept hermit ass out of the apartment alone go to see the show by myself.

The name of the show was Showgirls: The Best Movie Ever Made Ever. My friend John Flynn and Jackie Clark were the co-hosts of the show. They played a married couple that thought Showgirls was the best movie ever made. There were several other people in the cast who played actors that supposedly answered a casting call on Craigs List. They reenacted scenes from the script. The very funny John Reynolds played Joe Eszterhas the author of the Showgirls screenplay. John Reynolds stole the show. It was a great show. It actually ran at the UCB Theater in NY for a year, but I couldn't be bothered to see it when it was only a subway ride away from my apartment. I wanted to wait until I had to fly thousands of miles to see it.

The most awesome part of the evening for my star fucking ass was the fact that none other than Lt. Dangle, Tom Lennon, from Reno 911 and The State, sat right behind me. He didn't have the mustache though.

I hung out for several hours after the show at a bar with the cast. Here are the very funny John Flynn and Lennon Parham.

Don't they look happy? I do that to people.

I hopped in the rental around midnight and drove back to the OC. More trip coming soon.


dicky said...

Nice nice!

sam said...

Did you tell Lennon, "I'm wanna put my BALLS in it!"?

Nick Gibbons said...

I got all shy and didn't say anything to him. I usually need my friends to force me into interacting with people. If you were there I would have, even if that wasn't his character on the state, come on Sam, you know better than that, you're my number one comedy nerd.

sam said...

I know that wasn't the character he played. It was Ken Marino. But Tom mostly played the straight guy. He did't have any memerable characters like that. So TAKE THAT, comedy nerd 2.

Nick Gibbons said...

That's what I wanted to hear.