Sunday, July 27, 2008

Almost done with my trip

When last we left Nick Gibbons it was Thursday night and he was driving back from LA after seeing a comedy show. We now join Nick Gibbons as he tells us about Friday in California.

Nothing happened on Friday.

Actually to be totally honest, I can't remember for the life of me what I did on Friday. I don't have any pictures from Friday to jog my memory either. I seem to be missing an entire day out of my life. This screams X-Files and Star Trek to me. Alien Abduction anyone.

At any rate, Saturday rolls around and Vanessa wants to take me to an area in Long Beach called 5th street. It's named after Sir Reginald Fifth.

I'm not sure what they sold here...

A little redundant, this would be like if Red Lobster's sign said "Red Lobster: LOBSTERS!"

We walked up and down the strip, bought some clothes at Banana Republic, and talked about boys. You know just a girls day out.

We grabbed a snack, but before I could eat mine it was claimed by Mexico.

After a bloody battle defending our lunch and reclaiming it for America, we ducked inside a candy store.

This disturbed me...

Not only would you be eating a rat, you would be eating your pet rat. I never wanted to eat any of my pets, except the hamsters. I though this was awesome, they were playing Willie Wonka on a TV in the back of the place, which I'm pretty sure is illegal.

We walked back to the apartment, went on a bike ride around the beach, then started to get ready for our big night out.

Vanessa's cat found a new litter box.

It's a good thing I use Tide's Fresh Cat Shit Scent detergent.

The whole day had been leading up to our trip in the water taxi known as Aqua Link.

It went from Seal Beach to the Queen Mary, then to Long Beach.

Vanessa's sister Noelle had a pirate themed birthday party the week before I arrived, so Vanessa brought some of the pirate stuff form the party so we could be pirates on the boat.

They sold booze on the boat so I went down to buy us cocktails for the 30 minute journey. When I came back out on the deck, Vanessa had given away all of our pirate stuff to a group of kids. I didn't even get a chance to rape or pillage. I never get to rape or pillage damnit! Here are the little guys that wouldn't stop shouting "ARRRRRRRRRRRR" for the next 30 minutes.

Here is one of the ship mates, but more importantly behind him is the most bird shit I've ever seen.

Points of interest on the trip. Worlds largest flaming erector set.

The island where the real events took place that they based the show Gilligan's Island upon.

My tipsy partner in crime for the evening.

The Queen Mary, the only American naval ship to utilize two terms also used when discussing homosexuals.

Finally we made it to Long Beach, where we were going to have dinner. We were eating at a place called the Light House. It's on the far right side of this picture.

On the way to the restaurant I took a quick helicopter ride.

This structure had some significance, but is now used primarily as a restroom for homeless people. At least that what it smelled like.

You ever seen boats? These are boats.

That's our destination ahead.

We sat on the third floor which had an amazing view.

Our waitress was 8 foot tall. That's all I can remember about the restaurant.

We misjudged our time a little and ended up having to run to the Aqua Taxi. Running isn't much fun after eating seafood and drinking a bottle of wine. I finally realize now why I never won any of those marathons.

We were the only ones on the deck for the trip home, so I precariously placed the camera on something and tried to take our picture.

The next leg of our Saturday night involved meeting up with some of Vanessa's friends at a pub on our walk home.

This picture should help explain the next couple of pictures...

It was a crazy night full of pirates,


and kitty cats.

After we got all of the "party" sufficiently drained out of us, we stumbled home for a well deserved blackout. Right before I passed out at around 2am, I remembered I had to spend all the next day in the sun at Disney Land. Nothing better at than a hang over at the happiest place on earth right? Space Mountain here I come!


dicky said...

A trip aint any good if you don't acquire a hangover along the way.

sam said...

I know what kind of pirate you were... butt.

Nick Gibbons said...

but, what Sam?