Friday, July 25, 2008

Idea #4654855699364

My Space is officially pwned. Face Book is the winner. My Space keeps making half hearted, crappy attempts to crawl back into the ring with a broken leg, two broken arms, matching black eyes and a mouth full of loose teeth. Give up My Space, own your pwn. Face Book has shoved dynamite up your social networking ass and blown your balls into different hemispheres.

If you don't have a face book account, get one. It's confusing as hell at first, but once you get settled in, you'll start to discover all the awesomeness hidden deep within.

Here's my idea, I want to start a website parody of Face Book called Faced Book. It's the same as Face Book, but you have to be drunk to log on, and you can only post pictures of drunk people. It will require a small breathalyzer that hooks up to the computer through a USB port. They only cost 58 dollars, but it's totally worth it. I make the breathalyzers myself so just send me a check made out to cash and in 6 to 8 weeks you should get yours in the mail.

Also the URL "" is owned by Face Book, so I still need to get some capital raised to buy it from them. I haven't approached them yet, but I'm sure they only want like 10 bucks or something for it.

I'm a genius. Look out webternet, here comes the next multibillion dollar web mogul.


dicky said...

I still haven't gotten past the confusion of facebook, and I don't like that everyone see's everything you do on there. I feel naked on it, and I don't even get naked for showers.

I'm cool with getting drunk though for any occasion. Now get off this crap and get back to the damn trip story.

sam said...

Face Book? This old timer has no clue what you young whipper-snappers are talking about. I'll stay in the stone age and keep my MySpace thingy. I don't do anything on it anyway.

ryan (but you can callz me chief) said...

i'm in for at least 50cents on the domain.