Thursday, November 1, 2007

I'm totally gay...

...for Halloween! So last night I decided to fix a spooky Halloween dinner for me and the little wifey. MEAT obviously had to be the main course. Next I wanted everything else to be green, so I chose brussle sprouts and mashed potatoes.

But Nick, mash potatoes aren't green? You must be an idiot.

Hold on you, I used a dash od green food coloring and turned the potatoes a nice shade of green.

Finally I made us some blood red cocktails, and the Halloween feast was complete.

The night before Halloween we made rice crispy treats and dyed then orange.

After our scary meal, we curled up on the couch to watch Ghost Hunters, and not answer the door, because we didn't have any candy to give out.

This was the first year in my whole life that I didn't dress up for Halloween. I had a lot of shows in October, and even if I didn't have a Halloween specific costume, I still dressed up in at least 20 different costumes this month. It all evens out.

I wanted to be a sexy cat, I might do that next year, don't tell anyone.

I have some really awesome news, but I'm waiting to officially get an e-mail about it before I spill the beans. Expect the news soon though.

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