Friday, November 2, 2007


So I designed a new business card, because I might be going to something where I have to network. I'm so bad at networking myself. I'm morbidly shy around people I don't know, which makes it hard to approach people that could help my career. At any rate, I'm trying to change this about myself, and the first step was a business card.

Here is a peek at it:

Please don't give me any notes, I already sent it off to the printer so any criticism, even constructive, will be futile.

I'm terribly unmotivated these days. I've been going through my old writings, and I found a lot of stuff that I want to pick back up and work on some more. I also found a lot of ideas that, at the time, I thought were pretty good, unfortunately I never did anything with them. Now a lot of them have been made, only by other people. It sucks to see your good ideas made by other people, because now that idea is useless. Not to mention they were probably not done exactly like you would have done them. It sucks. My advice for anyone has always been, DO YOUR STUFF AS SOON AS YOU CAN BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

Don't make excuses, just create something. An idea is a great start, but don't sit on that idea for 5 years until someone else has the same idea and actually follows through. I guarantee any idea you've had, 3000 other people have had the same idea. The trick is to have the balls and motivation to do something with that idea.

I gotta go watch Ellen.

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tomsaville said...

I think the knife should be bigger and scarier...but hey...thats just me.