Friday, November 30, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving, from the past

OK so it's a little late, but at least it's still November. We had a great Thanksgiving this year. One of my best friends, Tom, and his cousin Lisa came over to celebrate the day we stole the Indian's land from them.

Me and Nancy prepared the meal that afternoon. On the Menu: Breaded and fried turkey cutlets, green bean casserole, stuffing, sweet potatoes, and homemade pecan pie.

Here are those yummy yummy yams.

After I licked the dirt off, we cooked and mashed the hell out of them.

Here's a cup of my nuts.

Gravy anyone? Gravy makes anything taste better, we tested this theory on a homeless mans leg later on that night, and it holds up!

Look at me fry! Fry Nick Fry!

I'm the batter monster from episode #347 of Scooby Doo.

Sweet potatoes and green bean casserole.


Pecan Pie!

And possibly the most important part of any Thanksgiving meal, the jellied cranberries. Just like he pilgrims had in the first Thanksgiving Day feast. Of course we forgot to put them out when we actually ate, just like we did last year. I love the damn things I just can't remember to grab them and put them on the table. That's what happens when you get old like me. I'm 74 years old after all.

Nurse! Marshmallow, Stat!

Look at that delicious fried turkey! My God, stop licking your computer screen, it's embarrassing.

Here is our beautiful spread. Dig in!

We wanted our Thanksgiving feast to resemble the original Thanksgiving as closely as possible, so we played Guitar Hero. Just like the Indians and Pilgrims did back in 1769 BC.

Look at my face, you can see how much fun I'm having. I'm oozing excitement. Maybe it was the triptifane.

Here we go, my inner Guitar Hero has emerged. After this picture was taken I smashed the guitar, pissed on the floor, and set Tom on fire.

To calm us down we played Trivial Pursuit. Tom is very competitive. He cried for an hour every time he got a question wrong.

The horror! Thanksgiving Day fallout. So many turkeys slaughtered, and for what...

If anyone wants to come over and wash those dishes they can. They're still in the sink. It would be awesome if we could get a real Indian to wash them, just like the first Thanksgiving Day.


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