Sunday, December 2, 2007

Computers Can Bite My Virtual Ass

I had a bit of a freak out this weekend. I installed an update to my Mac, because updates are supposed to help right? Well this update just made the most important programs on my computer crash over and over. This make Nick mad.

I started searching the interweb only to discover many other people were having the same problem. So I reinstalled my old directory. That fixed one problem, but created an even worse one. Now I couldn't even open my video editing program.

I re-installed that program and was able to then open it. However it wouldn't read any of my projects because they were saved on an updated version of the program. After many failed attempts to update the software, I called tech support.

An hour later the problem still isn't solved, and the douche bag from tech said I probably would have to back up all my shit and erase the entire drive and re-install everything. What good is tech support without the support part?

I was a tad pissed off.

I desided before I did anything drastic I would once again check to see if my software update thingee would find the update needed for my editing program. Up until now it wouldn't find it. Steve Jobs decided to smile on me, the update popped up. I installed it and BAM it totally works now.

If creating an update for your operating system just fucks up your operating system, I could totally get a job at Apple writing software for 300 grand a year. I'm sure I could write software that REALLY fucked up your computer.

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