Friday, September 24, 2010

Trim Down

I wanted to trim down. Not my waste line silly, that would require diet and exercise, screw me a whole lot of that crap! I meant my website. After much soul searching I decided to lose the side bar and just have the blog front and center. I think its just simpler and sleeker, I'm sure all 3 people that read my blog are thrilled.

If you really want to see pictures of me, be my friend on facebook.

Not much else going on right now, just wanted to tell you not to freak out when you see that the site looks different. Calm down, everything will be OK. At least until the zombies get here...

I just figured out that by changing what i changed I screwed up a lot of other stuff, so i have to change it back for the time being. Who likes change anyway?

1 comment:

Jason Barnes said...

nick. change is good. especially the fake kind that's actually just chocolate wrapped in gold tinfoil.