Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Nick's Impromptu Guide to NY

Last weekend Nancy went to New York to participate in a cancer walk with one of her best friends. I decided to tag along. I hadn't been to the big apple in about two years. Nancy did a lot of research and found out that renting some ones apartment for the weekend was about half as much as getting a hotel room. The only down side is sharing the single bed with the people who live there.

She found a great little studio in the heart of Greenwich Village. Here was the view from our room:

I'm so used to just seeing feet go by our window in New York this confused me.

As I get older my midsection seems to be expanding. I think it may have become self aware, because I very strategically planned my trip around the old restaurants I used to frequent. If you are visiting NY, here are my suggestions for places to eat.

Mexican Radio - Get the Plantain RelleƱos with beef.
Saigon Grill - Points of Interests: Curry Ga, Goi Cuon Tom, Steamed Crystal Dumplings, La Sa Ga and wash it all down with a Lychee Martini

Two Boots Pizza - Best Slice in the City

Pomodoro Rosso - Our Favorite Italian place in the city, try the Tortelloni Panna E Piselli or the Rigatoni Alla Riicotta.
Katz's Deli - I know this is pretty touristy, but holy crap is it good. Pastrami on Rye, potato salad a beer and you can sleep the rest of the day.

It's difficult because there are only 1 or 2 bars in the city, but if you're vigilant and look very closely you can find a place to grab a beer. One of my favorite places to go is McSorely's.

They only have two beers to choose from, light or dark and they serve you two small glasses when you order one. It's one of the oldest bars in the city and has a pretty hefty lineage. I suggest going there during the day and hanging out for a bit when you need a break from walking around.

My favorite thing to do in the city is to just walk around. It's unlike anything you'll ever experience. The buildings are awe inspiring. The people are more than often confusing as hell. The seemingly endless city sprawl is breathtaking. The sudden unexplainable horrific smells of urine and feces that smack your nose in the face are always new and different.

The best areas to just take it all in are Union Square and just south of Union Square.

Greenwich Village and the docks are great as well.

They just finished this great elevated pathway/park along the lower west side called High Line Park.
Another great part to walk around is SoHo. There's lots of great stores and stuff down there like Kid Robot.

If you've never been to New York City definitely check out Times Square. We avoid it like a Carrot Top show.

We had a blast on the trip and it was good to see a lot of my old friends. I do miss certain aspects of living in the city. Time and distance definitely paint the city in a glowing romantic light. After thinking about it though, I realize that we were staying right in the heart of the city and weren't that worried about the money we were spending on restaurants, because it was a vacation. Living there takes away those tropes. With the chore of riding a crowded subway at rush hour and paying large sums of money for 7 square foot apartment not looming over your head, the city is much more magical.

Before I left for New York, I forced a friend of mine at Radical Axis, Jason Barnes, to draw a caricature of me.

I'm not sure wether to hug him or slug him.

Finally I made another video for the Radical Axis Facebook Page! Please enjoy, and if you aren't a fan yet please click the clicky thing on the page.

Oh yeah, one more thing. If you happened to be an exec at a network looking for a funny, over the top, violent, and irreverent animated show to produce for 18 to 27 year olds thats a cross between Futurama and the Venture Bros. Might I suggest THIS.

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Jas said...

I think my favorite part about the city was the fact that the riff-raff who trolled the park never seemed to be in shortage of bright, ratty wigs and weaves or impromptu performance art. This one woman with a golden wad of Safeway hair slapped sideways on her head came up to me and said that I reminded her of a girl in a song she knew. I asked her, "Which song?"
and she started screaming the intro to "Baby Got Back." Then she asked for my bag of chips.

I loved New York City.