Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Radical Axis got to go to Dragon*Con this past Friday to sit in and watch the Adult Swim panel. I've never been and had no idea what was in store for me. It was literally one of the craziest Cons I've ever been a part of. I'm surprised my face didn't freeze in the "confused look" I must have made hundreds of times that day. I never knew spandex could stretch so far. It was like Halloween on steroids, dipped in a boiling hot vat of nerds and B.O.

My favorite part was the malls food court. It was full of Mario Bros, anime characters, and other various costumed people scarfing down hot dogs and pizza slices. It sort of ruined/enhanced the illusion.

The night before the Con me and Nancy went to see our buddy Big Mike sing at Trader Vics. He performs there every Tursday night and it's always fun, but with Dragon*Con in town the insane-o-meter is amped up all the way. The best part of the night was seeing Luke Perry. I couldn't be bothered to approach him and ask for a picture, so I paparazzi'd his ass.

Fun fact, the actual date that this picture was taken, no joke, was 09/02/10. I think the Aztecs predicted this photo.

Here I am with Unknown Hinson, the voice of Early from Squidbillies.

He's super nice and sang some really funny songs on the Adult Swim Panel. Every Dragon*Con my friend John J. comes down from a mysterious and dangerous land called New Jersey to promote his Adult Swim fansite, Adult Swim Central. I got to sit in on the Adult Swim fan panel with John J., Ashley and Mark. Mark runs the Venture Bros. fan blog. We had over 50 people crammed into a small room that wanted to hear us not be able to answer any of their questions because none of us actually work for Adult Swim. It was great!

I basically goofed off on the panel and tried to entertain the audience with my brand of shenanigans. I found a box of breakfast bars under the table when we sat down so I started chunking them into the audience. I know what people want. Toward the end I made one of the people in the front row ask me a question:

The Con was great fun and I highly recommend it for anyone who likes to look at weird stuff for three days. You will not be disappointed. Now here is a video I made for Radicals Facebook page about the Con.

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Sam said...

Classic! Luke Perry on 9/02/10! That is AWESOME!!

I always know where to go when I want to laugh... the pics I have of you naked. Then I go to your blog to really laugh.