Monday, May 10, 2010


Look guys, it's an old fashion word covered blog. No links, movies, or pictures, just hieroglyphic like symbols that all string together into a story. You may even have to hire someone to transcribe this blog to you, like Indiana Jones.

It's been a while since I sat down and let my fingers do the talking. I hope they have something interesting to say. Usually when I let my fingers do the talking, it involves just one of them, and I'm driving. Speaking of the bird and driving, I just wanted to send a shake of the head, a disapproving scowl, and a short message to the dude on the bicycle this morning. Dude! If your going to ride your bike in the middle of the road and not let people go around, it is rude as fuck balls to get to a traffic light and pass all the cars that are waiting for the light to change. I, with a clear conscience and zen state of mind, do, with all sincerity, hope that your chain gets caught in your pant leg. Ah, I feel better.

Happy belated mothers day to all you mothers out there. My parents flew into Atlanta this weekend, so I got to hand my mothers day card directly to my mother. It saved me 44 cents! It was the first time they had seen our new house and the sweet ass tiki hut I built.

They stayed at a hotel since we don't have a bed in our guest room yet. Both Saturday and Sunday we snuck into their hotel and all enjoyed a nice free continental breakfast. We all felt so very continental. It's was exciting being a breakfast bandit. Nothing taste better than free Belgian waffles.

On Saturday we grabbed the dog and all went for a hike at Sweetwater State Park. The park is great. It's got raging rapids, a burned down warehouse from the civil war, and a 5 foot black snake that scared the bejesus out of us. I'm not guaranteeing you'll see the snake too, but it was headed east.

That night we grilled some meat and relaxed. It was a great day. Sunday my Dad helped get me started on hooking up an electrical line down to the tiki hut, so we can have lights and plug in blenders to make fruity tropical drinks. Thanks for making sure I didn't kill myself dad. After my parents left to go back to Dallas, I started digging the 60 foot long 8 inch ditch from the house to the tiki hut to bury the wire. I dug for 3 hours, and today my body is really pissed at me.

That's it for now boys and girls. Go see Iron Man 2, it has Scarlett Johanson in it. They tell me there were other actors as well, but I don't remember seeing them.

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