Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Using My Hands

I got the honor of lending my voice and likeness to a character on an Episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force recently. The character I played was named Nick Gibbons, so it wasn't a real stretch. The episode was called Hands on a Hamburger. It was like one of those contests where everyone has to keep one hand on a car and the last one left wins the car, but instead of a car it was a huge hamburger. Here's the clip:

I know, I know, very impressive work. I am extremely talented after all.

Also don't miss Aqua Teen Hunger Force on Adult Swim! Their 100th episode is coming up next week, and I helped edit it a little bit.

1 comment:

tomsaville said...

haha! I could totally tell this was you...ya know...from your desire to give dual wielding handjobs.