Monday, April 12, 2010


I am officially the best husband in the entire world.* I drove a 26 foot Penske truck full of my in-laws furniture from Dallas to Atlanta. Not only did I loose 10 years off my life from white knuckling the 14 hour drive, I moved my in-laws from 767 miles away to just 1 mile away. The new definition for "Glutton for Punishment" is "Nick Gibbons" Look it up.

Here is the monster that I was inside of for 14 hours:

What of the Tiki Shack you ask? Here it is below:

Also go here and get tickets for the Last Seen Improv Festival this weekend. Several amazing improv groups from all over the country are conveining at Dads Garage for a 4 night improvisplotion! And I'll be in a show there every night!

*Wife may or may not agree.

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tomsaville said...

Ah...I miss your posts. You should post more! And then POST...MORE!!!