Friday, June 26, 2009

Media Blitz

The big show's finished. The lights have faded, the curtain's been drawn, and the vomit has been steamed out of the carpets. I thought I'd post some snippets from the media frenzy that surrounded the event. We worked our fingers to the bone to get coverage for this event and it literally did about as good as yelling into a toilet. Oh well.

Here is Part 1 and 2 of a video interview we did for
Pegasus News.

Just a side note, I'm not that fat, the camera guy had the bad posture lens attached and we didn't notice until after the interview.

Our Interview on The Richard Hunter Show. It was a live remote from a strip club by the way.

And last but certainly not least, a nice shout out from Dana Snyder on his weekly podcast The Ken P. D. Snydecast.

The show really was great, I just wish more people could have enjoyed it.


Dicky said...

It was nice that Dana remembered me in his thank yous. Thank you Dana for being a good sport, and Nick... just Nick.

Love and a bed row of dandelions,


Kelly J Kitchens said...


I'm glad Richard Hunter didn't record the whole part where he talked extensively about what Mark's Pork-Pie hat made him think of.

Did you hear me laughing in the background? tee hee!! And I was trying to be quiet -- didn't work, huh?

Nick Gibbons said...

Oh he did talk about it, I just cut out all of the parts where Derek and Richard were walking down memory lane together.

John J. said...

That's a nice URL on that second vid. I know one of the guys who edits that blog... he's a real ass. :D