Friday, February 15, 2008

Suck it You Tube

About 2 months ago a production company flagged my video "Weird-O-Torium" as copyright infringement and You Tube yanked it off the air. I called the production company that accused the film of copyright infringement and they said it was an accident. I tried e-mailing You Tube several times to get the video re-enstated, but each e-mail was sent back by an automated system saying I didn't give them the info they needed to process my request. I did in fact supply You Tube with every shred of info they requested. I tried uploading the film several times, but they kept denying it.

Being the devious outlaw that I am, I found a way around them. I added the intro and outro of my new series "The Nick Gibbons' Players" to it. It totally worked and now the video lives again on You Tube.

Viva La Videoteca!

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Sam said...

Good for you. Fight the power!