Friday, February 15, 2008

Inspiration Strikes!

I love this video, one, because it's super cute, and two, because I thought of it on the toilet yesterday, then immediately wrote, shot and edited it within 2 hours. I didn't even pull up my pants.

I love working on an impulse and just doing something without over thinking it. Most of the time it works in my favor, sometimes it doesn't. At the end of the day, good or bad, I did it instead of just thinking about doing it. That's the best advice I could give anyone, just follow through. Don't think about doing your dream project and let it stay in your head until it's too late.

I think people have problems doing projects like art, music, film or anything creative, because they can't get it exactly like they want it. I've learned to let go of my "perfectionism" tendencies. No project I've ever done has turned out the way I wanted it to. Even the ones I labored over for months.

So get out there and do something people, there's a good chance the world might end soon.


Sam said...

That was ...ok.

Anonymous said...

oh boy, where do i start

-you dont wear dress shoes in baseball

-the home plate is backwards

-where is the umpire

-babe swung left

ok at best.

Nick Gibbons said...

Stop leaving comments mom!