Monday, February 4, 2008

New Episode!

Here's a silly cute little sketch. It ain't brain surgery, but it made me giggle.

Apparently according to some guy on the internets my last video wasn't up to my normal "standards". I had no idea I had any standards at all. I'm just trying to pass the time until I get a job.

At any rate, that internet dude will definately not like this video, it's to plain jane, but like I said, it made me giggle a little. Hope it does the same for you.

I'll tell you guys about my doctors visit tomorrow.



dicky van tastic said...

As for the story, you were right, it made me giggle, but I'm shocked at how after only 3 episodes, you've fallen to the hidden beast befalling all network sitcoms.

PRODUCT PLACEMENT!!!!! (said in a loud sinister voice)

So Nick, how much are the super funny and tantalyzing adventures of the AQUA RANGERS paying you for putting your main character in one of their well made and handsome looking shirts? Hmmmmm?

Nick Gibbons said...

How nice of you to notice. Those shirts are still available you know, and as you can see they last over a year and still look great. It's a fine American made product. Get yours today

Sam said...

A bad comment.

Melissa said...

All of your skits make me giggle. And I already have an Aqua Rangers t-shirt!

Nick Gibbons said...

Melissa, Aqua Rangers shirts make great birthday and Easter presents.