Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Wheels on my career go round and round

I have been working on a script or two for a show I want to pitch around. It's a great concept and wide open for some terrific parody of all your favorite 1980's toys and cartoons based on toys. I'm not going to tell ya too much, I just wanted to post the awesome picture my good buddy Todd Redner drew for me.

What I need is someone with clout to attach themselves to this project so I can get traction. I have no problem getting pitch meetings, but the industry is such that no matter how good your show might be, unless you have someone like Andy Dick attached, you won't get a second look.

So where my famous peeps? Lets get to show creatin'!

Here are the networks this show is good for, just in case you stumbled on this and you work for them,
Adult Swim
Comedy Central
and of course Lifetime for Women

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Jason Shaw said...

No comments? This is a travesty. Someone needs to be shot, or keelhauled. Keelhauling is nasty because they would tie you to a rope and drag you under the length of the ship with a rope. While it was in the water. Very bad. Most people drowned. If you survived that, sometimes they'd shoot you.