Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Whats gourd for the goose...

Happy Halloween guys, it's time for the annual pumpkin update. As always mines on the left and Nancy's is on the right.

There's just something magical about plunging a large sharp knife into something, pulling out it's guts, then carving shapes onto it, without having to bleach the house and bury evidence.

That band from the 1990s LIVE is touring right now, so the radio keeps shoving their one song in my ear holes. The other morning while my ears were being force feed their sonic assualt entitled "Pain Lies by the Riverside", I made a dumb joke. I then felt compelled to take way to much time out of my day and conjure this joke into a tangible form. Please enjoy:

That's all I gots for you little ghouls and boils out there today, don't forget to wear reflective clothing and look out for razor blades in your apples.

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