Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The End is Nigh

Is anyone else worried that Michael Jackson is going to rise from the grave with an army of undead, bloodthirsty, choreographed, brain eating zombies? I mean it was prophesied in the thriller video. I'm buying shotgun shells just in case.

Don't worry to much though, if the zombies are all dancers, it's a pretty sure thing that they will be taking a lot of smoke breaks. This will give you extra time to run away.

Here is another sign that this may happen, Capcom just released the cover for their next installment of the Resident Evil franchise:

Don't worry, I've already called down to reserve my room in hell.

I was just wondering when MJ died, did he revert back to his pre-surgery state? Like when you kill a werewolf and it turns back into a human.

Also, hell just called back and is reserving an entire floor for me.


rp said...

Resident Evil 6: Escape From Neverland Ranch!

I don't want to write down any of the other things we talked about, because they were horrible and writing them down would ensure my place in hell.

Okay, maybe one: There are a bunch of little creepy kids running around, a la Silent Hill, but they're not zombies or anything, they're just regular kids that have had their souls raped out of them.

I should go ahead and check my reservation...

Nick Gibbons said...

You can room with me Randy.

Don't forget his "real" kids would be in the game as Stepford Kids/Children of the Corn type characters. I think we may have a hit on our hands.