Saturday, March 22, 2008

Nickey's Tiki

A lot of people have been asking to see an update on my screened in porch/tiki bar. OK just my mom has been asking to see it. At any rate that is what this blog is about, so suck on it.

Below are various pictures of the porch.

Yeah, that's right, there's a baby Hawaiian shirt on the wall, and it was a bitch finding a baby Hawaiian to steal it from.

Here is possibly the best thrift shop find ever, a working Billy the Bass. I haven't, nor will I ever, turn it on, but trust me that son of a bitch will sing until the carps come home.

Here is my awesome upside birdcage chandelier, complete with upside down bird.

You can practically taste the Mai Tai's. The weather's getting nice, so it's the perfect time to come visit us in Atlanta and have a couple fruity drinks in the tiki bar.

Last week me and Nancy went to the botanical gardens by our house with our friends Keith and Joann. This picture was Joann's idea, but I'm going to take credit because it's awesome. Not to ruin the illusion, but those are Nancy's legs.


nick said...

This is a test comment.

dicky van tastic said...

Very nice. My art is taking presence behind the chairs, sweet!

I might contribute to the cause with my collection, because I'm thinking my wife will never let me have my dream tiki room.

If and when you're in town we'll consider it...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the peek at y'all's tiki room.

Love, Mom

Nick Gibbons said...

Mom, it ruins the whole "anonymous" thing when you add love mom at the end.

Sam said...

That looks great! I love the Roosevelt-ish Rough Rider pic of you. That is Roughtastic! I would love to be able to come out and get kicked out of your bar.

Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

I wish I had a mom to anonymously love me...

from no mom