Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Pattys Day

I'm playing an Irish character tonight in a St. Patrick's Day show inside a tiki bar. Doesn't make any since to me either, but it should be super fun. I'm dressing up completely ridiculously in a top hat and other various Irishy looking adornments. I'm supposed to be the Lord of the Limerick and I'll be occasionally reading limericks throughout the night. I'm part of a show being put on by the band that performs at Trader Vic's in downtown Atlanta every Thursday night. The band's called Tongo Hiti and they do tiki themed music as well as covers of pop songs done tiki style. The leader of the band, Mike, is hilarious and puts on a great show. If you come to visit me in the ATL, make sure you include a Thursday night so we can go drink 4 dollar Mai Tai's and watch the Tiki show.

I don't think anyone I know that reads this blog lives in Atlanta, but if you do come out to Trader Vic's tonight. This guy will probably be there:


Melissa said...

my friend from Atlanta reads your blogs, sometimes... she thinks you're funny. I do plan on coming there for Christmas through New Year's this year so hopefully you'll be around and we can go to a tiki bar and drink mai tai's... if you ever come to chicago, I will also take you to a tiki bar to drink mai tai's and maybe we'll even do a shotski - which is really a shot taken off a waterski - it's brilliant.

Nick Gibbons said...

I hear Joanie loves shotskis.