Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Global warming schmobal warming, I thought Atlanta was supposed to be hot. The second day we were here I over heard someone remark, "It never snows in Atlanta." Well in your face random stranger that I eased dropped on and possibly fabricated to make this blog seem like a bigger deal, it freaking snowed this week.

I have the pictures to prove it:

I grew up in Dallas Texas, and noticed anytime there was even a hint of inclement weather there was a panic resulting in the closing of businesses and schools. It could be one tiny snow flake and people would act like it was the end of the world. I though it was just Dallas, but sure enough a small amount of wintery weather sent Atlanta into a tailspin of gloom and doom. Schools closed, business shut down, and canned goods were ravaged from the shelves of grocery stores. The night of the great Atlanta blizzard of 2008, me and Nancy hopped in the car and grabbed some food at a restaurant. We drove on the completely safe roads and enjoyed a meal in a normally packed restaurant. No chains on the tires, parkas, or snow dogs needed.

The south needs to stop being such pussies about cold weather. In New York I had to go to work after 10 inches of snow had fallen. TEN INCHES! I know it was 10 inches because I had an erection and fell into a snow drift. Ok it was 6 inches, but still...

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dicky van tastic said...

6 inches Nick, really?

And why were you in a NY snow storm with your pants off?

Inquiring minds want to know. Not mine of course. My mind never asks questions. It just sits in a dust collecting fruit jar.

miss you..