Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Anger Inside Is Making Me Angrier

You Tube sucks!

No wait, it really isn't their fault...

Mondo Media sucks!

No, I talked to them and it was an accident. Someone sucks here, and they are making me angry. I just don't know who to direct my blinding rage toward.

Here is the story. About a week ago I was looking through an old e-mail address that I never use anymore. It happens to be the default e-mail address for my You Tube account so I don't get 1000s of e-mails from You Tube telling me someone picked a boogar while watching one of my films.

I noticed a strange e-mail from You Tube that had the words "Copyright Infringement" in the subject line. I own all the copyrights to my work so this troubled me. It turns out a third party You Tube subscriber had branded one of my films as infringing on a copyright of theirs. I knew this was bullshit, so i tracked down a number for the guys that did it and left them a message. A day later they called me back and apologized for this mistake.

They told me to send in a contest e-mail to You Tube. The instructions for contesting a copyright infringement issue reads like Swedish Ikea Cabinet instructions. I sent an e-mail to You Tube that I believed included all the correct info, with a note saying I had physically talked to Mondo Media and they had said it was their mistake.

2 days later I get a robotically generated letter saying I didn't provide enough information for You Tube to process my request. It was signed Harry, which i guess was the robots name. Maybe H.A.R.R.Y. stood for "Half-assed Android Retard Response from Youtube" I'm starting to feel like I did something wrong when in fact I didn't. It has now become a huge hassle to get this problem corrected. Why do I have to jump through hoops to correct a problem created by someone else, that has admitted to creating the problem?

I sent in a heart felt response to the "Not enough info" e-mail from H.A.R.R.Y., stating that I had in fact talked to Mondo Media and they are more than willing to resend their copyright infringement accusation. Then I got the EXACT same e-mail back from the You Tube Robot.


I want to punch a hole in the internet.

After I tried to just upload the video again 3 times in a row under different names, only to be greeted with the same, "Rejected" notice; I reconstructed an e-mail with every last bit of info they could possibly need along with a snap shot of a mole on my ass, and sent it back to them. Now we play the waiting game, by Milton Bradly.

I know this seems like no big deal, but I don't have a job right now so it's all i have to focus my attention on at the moment.

Also if you haven't sent me a birthday card by today, it won't get here by tomorrow and you are a bad friend.


dicky van tastic said...

Happy Birthday from a bad friend.

Nick Gibbons said...

Bad friend! Bad friend! Lay down, lay down, good boy good boy, who's a good boy. I can't stay mad at you. Who wants to go pee pee, you need to go pee pee? Lets go boy, where's your leash? Find your leash...

dicky van tastic said...

you know my leash is in the bedstand table's drawer.