Friday, August 20, 2010

This is a blog entry

Hey guys, hope everyone on the internet is doing well. I've been super busy at work putting together pitch material for jobs we are bidding on. There is some fantastic talent here at the old Radical Axis for sure.

I also helped a buddy of mine out with some sort of fan film thing. I'm still not sure what it is to be honest, but I got to recreate a scene from Top Gun.

Did a show with my buddy Randy at Dad's Garage last night where we played our two motivational speaker characters. We have wanted to do an improv show with these guys for a long time. The show was great, just a lot of fun. It was pretty much thrown together in a week, and needs a lot of polish, but damn was it fun. It's a little late now, but here's a trailer we shot a while back and repurposed it for this show:

Saw Scott Pilgrim and can't recommend it enough. You don't need to know anything about video games, pop culture, hipsters, or anything to see it. It's just a lot of fun, unless you hate fun. I feel like people aren't seeing the film because they think they have to have a weird understanding of nerd culture or something. Not the case. Go see it, I want Edgar Wright to make more films.

I missed a payment on my AT&T phone/cable bill. In an attempt to set things right I tried to call AT&T, who, correct me if I'm wrong, is, first and foremost, a telephone company. I scoured their website for 10 to 20 minutes before I could find a number to call. It shouldn't be this hard to find a telephone number for a phone company. It was like an Indiana Jones movie. I felt like I was in search of a buried artifact or something. I did have to decipher hieroglyphics and fight a statue that came to life, but eventually I got the number.

After waiting a while, a woman answered. I'm assuming she was excited, with the number so hard to find she probably never gets called. I asked to get the balance on my account and she asked for some strange 4 digit number that I didn't know. Apparently over a year ago I set that up. I'm reasonably intelligent, but I have slept since then and wasn't able to recall this mystery number, even after trying 3 of the go to numbers that I always choose for this sort of thing. She can't open my account without this number so the next option was to answer a question. The question was what was, "my favorite restaurant?". I do not now nor have I ever had a favorite restaurant, and having to recall what that might have been over a year ago proved to be an epic failure.

Her hands were tied at this point, and we had to part ways, billing problem unresolved. You would think with the myriad of information that I do possess about myself, we could have found some common ground. But no, it was that 4 digit number or my favorite restaurant. Those were the only bits of info that would have proven I wasn't some crazy guy that wanted to pay some other dudes bill. I mean I wanted to give them money, you would think they would bend over backwards to take money. It's money after-all.

I gotta go to lunch.


tomsaville said...

Haha...the Top Gun parody was hilarious!

sam said...

you should have bit his nose!

Nick Gibbons said...

He was to tall.