Thursday, April 30, 2009

Smart Car

I found out last Friday night that the Smart Car's name in no way corresponds to the actual person driving the vehicle.

Nancy and I were on our way to Dad's Garage. We were tooling down a road in our neighborhood that we had been down many times. At one particular bend of the road, another residential street T's into the street we were on.

The direction I was going, which was a natural continuation of the road we were on, had no stop sign. I continued along at my speed, assuming the street that dead ends onto another street would have a stop sign. (upon later inspection we found out it didn't) I notice a red smart car is speeding it's tiny ass toward us. It wasn't slowing down. I sped up to avoid contact.

We pass the smart car just as it is turning left. I look in the rear view mirror just in time to see the smart car change its direction in mid left turn, whipping itself around. It's now speeding up behind us. I thought for sure he wasn't chasing us down in a fit of residential street rage.

He got closer and closer. At the next stop sign I could hear him yelling at us. Then he turned and drove away. It made me feel icky. Who the hell chases people down these days. We are in the freaking south for God's sake. Odds are I had a gun somewhere on me or in the car. What an idiot. I don't care how badly you piss me off while I'm driving, I won't ever chase you and yell at you. That's just stupid, immature and dangerous.

I guess the fact that we were in a Honda Fit made us less imposing. Perhaps if I was in a huge black truck with tinted windows he might have rethought his actions.

I have to say, if our Honda Fit and the Smart Car would have collided, it would have been the cutest car wreck ever.


Anonymous said...


You're that guy we saw at a show in Dallas once.

I was there with a fiancee and she really didnt like the show - she's not crazy about bathroom humor - it must have been bathroom humor night. Really it kept coming and coming. Your jokes went on as good as a turd in a punchbowl
(read as: she didnt like very much).

Anyway - since then we ha

Nick Gibbons said...

With a fiancee? Whose fiancee were you with? I bet her soon to be husband wasn't to happy that his fiancee was out with you. But if she's as much of a stick in the mud as she sounds, maybe he was glad to get rid of her for a night so he could watch all the bathroom humor he wanted to.

I'm glad you guys finally... ha is it?

Good luck with English btw.

SAM said...

Ooooo, Anonymous, you're BURNED!